Ministers of Hospitality

Ministers of Hospitality greet all who come to weekend and Holy Day liturgies. This ministry welcomes our parishioners and visitors to our faith community.

Here is the link to the recorded town hall meeting held in November, 2016.  An additional hospitality resource can be viewed here


The assembly, including all the liturgical ministers and music ministers, is the primary minister of the liturgy. The liturgical ministers are there to serve the assembly. There are several choices at All Saints.


Lectors proclaim God’s Living Word during weekend Masses and special Liturgies.

Extra Ordinary Ministers

Extra Ordinary Ministers assist in the distribution of the Eucharist with reverence and dignity.

Altar Servers & Candle Bearers

Altar Servers and Candle Bearers add spirituality and focus to the liturgy.


The primary responsibility of the sacristan is to see that everything is set up for the celebration of the Eucharist; ensure that there are Eucharistic ministers, servers, lectors and candle bearers.


This group creates the décor for the liturgical seasons. Persons who are artistic, sew, design or arrange flowers and plants are welcome. These gifts and skills make a beautiful contribution in the service of this ministry.