Catholics Can Come Home Again

We invite you to join in our process of reflection on your relationship with the Church. It is not intended to pull you back into the Church, but to invite you to consider that possibility. Throughout the six week series you will be invited to share your thoughts and reflections as they relate to the group’s focus.

Based on the input from thousands who have participated in this ministry over the years, we have put together a curriculum in an adult format that we feel will help you reassess your own spirituality and the teachings of the Church. Feedback from those who attended our local program and others from their respective parishes indicates this information is both enlightening and helpful. Many feel they can return to active participation in the Church; others who are regularly attending mass feel they understand more clearly what it means to be Catholic.

People are drawn to Catholics Can Come Home again for many reasons. Some simply want to update their understanding of their faith, while others have very serious issues that may even be painful to discuss. Some have been wounded by their Church experience, yet find the courage to reach out for new understanding of what it means to be Catholic. We try to respect all viewpoints and ask participants to do the same.

We do not have answers for all questions, nor can we undo hurt that has occurred. We can only offer the hope and information, along with acceptance and reassurance, that may assist you in the journey back to the Church – or the decision that you have a right to “go in peace”. We are not a support group and cannot facilitate a healing process for those whose issues deserve that. We can, however, provide individual meetings and resources that may be helpful in those cases. Our entire ministry is steeped in respect and confidentiality.

It is our primary hope that this connection with the church, for whatever reason brings you here, will result in an increased awareness of God’s love for you.

To learn more about retuning to the Church contact the parish office 208-743-1012.